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Using these training pages

These training pages are designed to aid your learning experience whilst using the NHSmail service. They cover every aspect of the NHSmail platform and can be viewed in a video format or by downloading Quick Reference Guides. This page will guide you through how to explore all the content available to you

If you are a trainer click here for additional materials to support your training preparation

Click the navigation links below for guidance on each part of the training pages:

The Support Landing Page
Learning Series
Module Pages

The Support Landing Page

This will be the first page you see when viewing the training and guidance pages. Training materials are divided into learning series. NHSmail training includes the following learning series:

  1. Using the Outlook Web App: this series will support you in using the Outlook Web App interface. Modules cover emails, calendars, people and tasks.

  2. Using the Portal: this series will support you in using the NHSmail Portal.

  3. Using Skype for Business: this series will support you in using the features of Skype for Business. Modules cover: instant messaging, contact management and presence management

See below for a screen shot of the Landing Page:



Click on the appropriate icon to access training materials for a particular learning series


To return to the Support Landing Page at any time, click Help then Help Home at the top of the page


Learning Series

A learning series encompasses all features of a particular component of the NHSmail platform. Each learning series is divided into sections and each section contains modules which provide information about using specific functions, e.g. sending and receiving emails.

See below for a screen shot of the Learning Series page:



Click on the section you wish to learn about to expand the folder. You will then be able to view the corresponding modules, for example under Calendars, there are modules on 'Calendars, Appointments and Meetings' and 'Sharing Calendar Permissions'.

Click on the title of the module and you will be directed the to the module page.


Module Pages

Module pages contain training materials to assist you in learning about a particular feature.




Hints and tips when using the module video:

Video Button Description

Press this button to play the video

Press this button to watch the video in full screen

Drag the slider to fast forward and rewind the video to different sections

Press the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard to exit the video if playing in full screen

Use this button to control the sound or mute the video

The information presented below the Video Sections header provides the timing for the start and end of each chapter of the video. For example, the Customising Your Work Week in Calendar section starts at 3 minutes and 40 seconds (03:40) and runs to 5 minutes and 3 seconds (05:30).


Each module if supported by the following reference materials:

  • Quick Reference Guide: A short step-by-step guide to using the functions in the relevant module

  • Video Transcripts: A transcript of the narration for each video


Both of these reference materials will open as a separate tab in your browser so that you can move between the module pages and the reference materials as required.