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Outlook Web App (OWA) Learning Series

Welcome to the Outlook Web App Learning Series. This learning series provides you with learning materials on using your mailbox, calendars, people (contacts), tasks, reminders and instant messenger.

Each module contains a Quick Reference Guide, a module video and a number of additional reference materials. The materials are designed to complement each other and you may find some differences in the content that is included – for example, the Quick Reference Guide might include more topics than the video.

To get started, choose the area you would like to learn about by clicking the grey boxes and click the relevant module title.

For a fully comprehensive guide of the Outlook Web App Learning Series, refer to the NHSmail Outlook Web App User Guide.

For a description of key terms mentioned throughout the Outlook Web App User Guide, you can download the Outlook Web App Glossary of Terms.

Note: To navigate back to the main landing page at any point click on the blue banner "NHSmail Enabling collaboration across health and social care" at the top of the page.